NORC Statistician in Chicago, Illinois


Job no: 493858Work type: Regular Full-TimeLocation: Chicago – 55 East Monroe Street, ILCapability Area: Statistics & Methodology


NORC at the University of Chicago is seeking a Statistician to join the Statistics and Methodology department in Chicago, IL.

The focus of this position will be supporting the MCBS (Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey) project.

The MCBS is a continuous, in-person survey of a representative national sample of the Medicare population. It is sponsored by the Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics (OEDA) of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in partnership with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Linked to Medicare claims data, the survey was designed to aid CMS in administering, monitoring, and evaluating the Medicare program. It has been carried out for more than 25 years, encompassing more than one million interviews. NORC conducts the full gamut of MCBS survey activities including sampling, data collection, data processing, editing, imputation, and delivery of files to CMS for final processing and dissemination.


Decision makers need reliable objective data and analysis to inform policy and allocate resources. In a time where modes of communications continue to evolve at rapid rates and reaching and engaging respondents remains challenging, the NORC Statistics and Methodology department plays a critical role in designing and implementing successful surveys and analyzing the resulting data.

The Statistics and Methodology department pioneers innovations in all aspects of survey research. NORC statisticians and methodologists help understand the cognitive processes underlying respondents’ reactions to surveys; design and implement rigorous, efficient methods for sampling from populations and weighting resultant survey data; and employ advanced techniques for analyzing and interpreting survey and secondary data. The department collaborates with all NORC research departments and the Academic Research Centers, as well as conducts research in its own field.


  • Writing and implementing computer programs to make statistical calculations necessary for selecting samples

  • Discussing and providing specifications to the task leader/project director and IT Project Manager for the construction of data files from which these samples are drawn and from which variances, statistical weights, and standard errors are calculated

  • Performing quality control procedures to ensure the accuracy of sampling procedures implemented; contributing to and/or reviewing the sampling sections of sample design reports, final technical reports, and other documentary deliverables

  • Working with the client on sampling issues, providing technical information on the types of analyses, limitations of the data, and strengths/weaknesses of various sampling strategies

  • Calculating weights, non-response rates, and standard error estimates as part of documenting sample selection and implementation and carrying out substantive analysis on projects with analytical deliverables


  • Masters' degree in statistics or social sciences, or a Bachelors' degree with equivalent experience in survey research or related field

  • Minimum of 3 years' experience related to statistics and/or survey methodologies

  • Strong SAS programming skills

  • Working knowledge of applied survey sampling and statistics for all modes of social science data collection

  • Knowledge of the estimation of variances, the calculation of standard errors, and imputation

  • Knowledge of weighting of various sampling and data collection designs

  • Knowledge of quantitative methods of social science data analysis

  • Familiarity with survey research literature, methods, and processes

  • Skills in programming and in the use of statistical analysis software (e.g., SPSS)

  • Strong writing skills and strong interpersonal communication skills required


NORC at the University of Chicago is an objective, non-partisan research institution that delivers reliable data and rigorous analysis to guide critical programmatic, business, and policy decisions. Since 1941, NORC has conducted groundbreaking studies, created and applied innovative methods and tools, and advanced principles of scientific integrity and collaboration. Today, government, corporate, and nonprofit clients around the world partner with NORC to transform increasingly complex information into useful knowledge.

NORC conducts research in five main areas: Economics, Markets, and the Workforce; Education, Training, and Learning; Global Development; Health and Well-Being; and Society, Media, and Public Affairs.

We provide comprehensive and integrated services that span the research cycle, and offer solutions that anticipate and address critical needs in research and data science. We approach all work with deep technical expertise, a spirit of collaboration, and a commitment to scientific integrity.


As one of the oldest not-for-profit, academic research organizations in the United States, and through its affiliation with the University of Chicago, NORC maintains the highest standard of professional excellence and scientific rigor, and is committed to broad dissemination of its findings.


NORC’s subject matter experts and survey professionals develop and employ innovative study designs, research methods, and technical applications to derive meaningful and accurate results.


NORC cultivates an interdisciplinary culture of achievement in which senior investigators from diverse fields and professional backgrounds collaborate with the next generation of researchers in an open, collegial environment.


NORC is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer that values and actively seeks diversity in the workforce. NORC evaluates qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other legally- protected characteristics.

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